18 September 2019

Global shareholders approve merger with KAMCO

Global held today its Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting to discuss matters related to the merger with KAMCO Investment Company (“KAMCO”), where KAMCO shall be the merging company and Global the merged company, with an aim to create a larger and more competitive entity across the region.


Shareholders approved all agenda items including the cancellation of around 13 million treasury shares and the draft merger contract by way of amalgamation signed on 4 July 2019 between Global and KAMCO with all supplements of the draft merger contract – in particular – the independent investment advisor report which specifies the share swap ratio of (0.75522821) and the evaluation report of the two merging companies’ assets which is issued by the independent asset evaluator. Shareholders also approved the recommendation of the board of directors to merge with KAMCO and the dissolution of Global and the transfer of its assets and liabilities to KAMCO (the merging company).

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