Third Party Solutions



We provide up-to-date and comprehensive assessment of the investment landscape for our clients, who want to understand the opportunities and risks of entering the International capital markets. We believe each client has different needs and targets therefore we ensure a thorough understanding of each client wishing to explore their investment objectives with us. Our flexibility and access to hundreds of fund managers with different geographies, asset classes and strategies allow us to offer clients customized solutions that meet their requirements supported by integrated reporting services on periodic basis.


We believe that communication is crucial in any successful business relationship; we maintain an open line of communication with our clients. We take charge on behalf of our clients in all communication with fund administrators for all regulatory requirements.


  • Access key information and understand the potential impact on portfolios
  • Identify investment opportunities and positive trends
  • Navigate through challenges in the market and mitigate risk
  • Access funds closed to new investors and funds with a high minimum investment through our client accounts
  • Save time and efforts as we handle all account opening tasks with multiple fund managers, compliance check and aggregation of data for all underlying investments
  • Save on fees as we provide access to institutional share classes with lower fees