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Income Statement
Amounts in KWD'000



Fees and commission income 14,912 11,541
Interest and similar income 1,745 1,626
Net gain (loss)on financial assets designated at fair value through  profit or loss 800 134
Net loss on sale of financial assets available for sale (34) -
Share of results of associates (63) (176)
Gain (loss) on disposal of associate 405 (125)
Net (loss) on investment properties (12) -
Foreign exchange losses 2,169 (263)
Other operating income 2,585 386 
Operating Income 22,507 13,123
Personnel expenses 9,816 8,174
Other operating expenses 3,834 3,236
Depreciation of property and equipment 1,111 1,559
Interest expense and similar expenses - 48
Impairment (reversal) charg on financial assets, associates and intangible assets 569  13,569
Charge of provision for credit losses 490 1,410
Profit from Operations 15,820 27,996
Profit (loss) from continuing operations before KFAS, Zakat and Directors' remuneration 6,687 (14,873)
Contribution to Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) (61) -
Zakat (67) (19)
Directors' remuneration (126) -
Profit (Loss) for the year from continuing operations 6,433 (14,892)
Discontinued Operations
Profit for the year from discontinued operations - 13,590
Profit (Loss) for the year 6,433 (1,302)
Equity holders of Parent Company 6,499 1,855
Non-controlling interests (66) (3,157)