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Regional Network
Global, through its various entities provides you with wide network coverage including direct market access through its established branches in primary MENA markets  to include Kuwait, Egypt, Oman amongst others.

Two Options
We make Equity Trading and operating a brokerage account simple and convenient with a high degree of customization available to suit your needs, whether you're interested in trading via a portfolio or beneficiary account.

Personal Service
The values of personal service, client care and value for money remain core to our principles. Our desire to remain committed to these principles runs through everything we do. We pride ourselves on the quality of our trade execution, client focus, responsiveness and determination to deliver professional services for our clients.

As you would expect we exercise the utmost discretion with every aspect of our service. We are adamant on implementing Chinese walls between our different service units and relentless in up keeping compliance and regulatory stipulations.

To make more informed trades, Global offers research based on the opinions of industry leaders with research hubs located in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Through superior fundamental and technical analysis we have developed a reputation for high-quality and differentiated research. We provide regular reports on major regional equities covering 16 economies in MENA and South Asia. Representing approximately 60% of the GCC market capitalization.

Over-the-Counter trading
In Kuwait, we employ an Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading platform that enables real-time processing for this developing market. Our aim is to provide clients with an environment that allows them to monitor, discuss, analyze and trade these products in an efficient environment

The Team
Our team's knowledge and expertise, combined with multi-faceted talents and a commitment to personal service, have attributed to our reputation as principled professionals who are motivated by creating value for our clients.







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