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The Portfolio Management Unit (PMU) has been established to cater to the needs of high net worth and corporate clientele by managing and monitoring their investment portfolios. PMU concentrates on formulating optimal asset allocation strategies for clients, optimising returns for lower risk, preparing and managing clients investment portfolios, meeting with third party investment managers and providers, and providing regular investment reports and advisory services; furthermore, the Portfolio Management Team works side by side with all the departments at Global to provide a superior service and preferential access to Global’s range of products and services.

PMU has established a vast relationship with top Fund Managers from around the world, with advantages such as access to closed funds and good transparency into investments. Our broad reach allows us to promptly adapt to the economic environment and rebalance our portfolios to appropriately take advantage of what different markets can offer.

Our strategy is to minimise the risk associated with our Client’s desired rate of return, or alternatively stated, to maximise the return associated with the Client’s target risk tolerance.

PMU carries out Extensive Quantitative and Qualitative research and analysis on both Global and third-party funds in order to recommend the most optimal mix of investments. We perform research and analysis of macro-economic situation, fiscal policies and outlooks thorough background checks, due diligence on managers, Risk and drawdown analysis of the products, historical performance, correlation analysis and portfolio optimisation; therefore, giving the portfolio management team a competitive edge in offering superior portfolio management.