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Our track record shows that we support our clients in their periodic need of capital through rights offering, subsequent new offerings and other means of capital provision and enhancement. We have been instrumental in arranging capital for start-up ventures, growth financing and acquisition financing in the MENA region.

  • Private Placements: Raising capital for business entities.  Key activities involve:
    • Validation of business plan and capital requirement
    • Development of simple, efficient and practical transaction structure
    • Provision of support for the entity in regulatory compliance and obtaining approvals
    • Preparation of statutory and marketing documents
    • Solicitation to strategic and non-strategic institutional and non-institutional investors
    • Allocation and other closing procedures

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO): We handle the management and co-management of IPOs along with other regional and international investment banks.  In markets, where conventional IPOs are not prevalent, we assist business entities in raising capital via private placements, advise, and assist them on their efforts to prepare and qualify for listing on stock exchanges.

  • Rights Offerings: Raising additional capital from existing shareholders through rights issues.  These offerings are typically structured to accommodate new investors for portions not subscribed to by the existing shareholders.

  • Start-up Venture Promotion and Financing: It involves working with entrepreneurs who possess management skills, execution ability and domain knowledge. We assist them in raising equity capital through private placements and support ventures through co-investments when needed. As a strategic partner we take the initiative to identify business opportunities and management teams to promote new ventures.  Nurturing these companies through their formative years, we provide strategic guidance, management expertise, business and expansion opportunities, support for subsequent financing needs and listing on stock exchange(s).







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