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Sectoral Funds

Global EPADI Fund

Investment Objective
The fund has been designed to capitalize on the view that the domestic and regional oil, gas, petrochemical, downstream industries, and other related sectors will continue to benefit from a combination of global excess demand and diminishing supply.  The objective of the fund is to enhance long-term return through capital appreciation of the portfolio.

Investment Strategy
The Fund is ideal for investors who are seeking long-term growth of capital, exposure to one of the most lucrative industries, as well as diversifying and reducing the risk inherent in their portfolios.

Fund Summary

Fund Structure:

Open-ended fund


Kingdom of Bahrain


Global Investment House (Global) K.S.C.C

Custodian & Registrar:

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited


KPMG (Bahrain)

This Fund is an Expert Fund that requires the Investor Profile to be in accordance with the standards set by the Central Bank of Bahrain of an "Expert Investor" which means; Individuals, Families (joint net worth), Corporations  (companies, partnerships, trusts or other commercial establishments) and Governmental Organisations whose main function is financial investments, with a minimum net worth of US$100,000 (US dollars one hundred million).







Fund Material
Fund Fact Sheet
Fund Presentation
Fund Financial Statement
Prospectus - English | Arabic 

Inception Date: May 2006
NAV Date: 7/6/2016

$ 91.95

Since Inception:

-8.05 %

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