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Global Money Market Funds

KD Money Market Fund

Investment Objective
The Fund aims to achieve returns that beat those offered on the 3 month fixed deposits in Kuwaiti Dinars. The Fund invests in various money market instruments including treasury bills, treasury bonds, and bonds issued by governments, semi governments, companies and local banks.

Investment Stategy

The Fund manager will diversify investments to provide higher liquidity and lower volatility in returns. The Fund generally invests in the following money market instruments:

  • T-Bills
  • T-Bonds
  • Bonds
  • Fixed Deposits
Fund Summary
Fund Structure:Open-ended
Fund Manager:Global Investment House, "Global"
Custodian:Gulf Custody Company






Global Money Market Fund
Global KD Money Market Fund
Global USD Money Market Fund
Fund Material
Fund Fact Sheet
Prospectus - Arabic
Inception Date: May 1999
NAV Date: 31/3/2016

KD 1.048806

Since Inception:

0.29% (ann.)

More Details